Fulbright New Zealand invites you to support a great cause by donating towards the provision of additional Fulbright awards. Our awards are more sought after than ever, and each year we turn away many really deserving New Zealand and American applicants because there are just not enough awards due to limited funding. We ought to enable more of our best and brightest to reach their full potential and to receive the many benefits from a Fulbright experience. Certain income streams are reducing and so we are having to reduce some of the awards on offer. We can no longer rely solely on government funding. Thus, we are asking for your support!

In its 65th anniversary year, 2013, Fulbright New Zealand established an endowment fund to support, in perpetuity, an additional graduate award each year for a deserving student who would otherwise miss out. In order to achieve this, we need a minimum of $800,000 as a capital base.

The Fulbright New Zealand Board committed reserves of $550,000 to establish the endowment, and we are appealing to the generosity of alumni and friends to help build the fund to the $800,000 target.

As soon as possible, all interest earned from the endowment will go towards providing additional Fulbright awards in perpetuity and the capital will remain intact. It is our hope that over time the fund will continue to grow through the ongoing generosity of alumni so that an increased number of awards can be provided.

We appreciate the support we have received from alumni in so many ways and ask you to donate with the same generous spirit that characterises our people. (All donations are tax deductible.) You will be offering an amazing opportunity. Thank you for your support!


Make a donation

Please see below for details of different ways you can donate to the Fulbright New Zealand Trust. The Fulbright New Zealand Trust (Incorporated) is registered in New Zealand as a donee organisation for charitable donations, so New Zealand tax residents can claim tax credit for up to 1/3 of donations. We ask that you fill out and return this donation form so we can track donations:

Americans are welcome to donate directly to the Fulbright New Zealand Trust. However, for tax deductibility in the US you must instead donate via the Institute of International Education (IIE). You can do so online at by entering “Fulbright New Zealand” in the gift designation field, or by other means using this alternate form:

One-off donation

You can make a one-off donation in several ways:

  • by credit card using our secure PayPal facility:
  • by posting a cheque made out to Fulbright New Zealand Trust to:

Fulbright New Zealand PO Box 3465 Wellington 6140

  • by electronic payment/bank transfer to the Fulbright New Zealand Trust bank account: 06 0501 0871365 00


A pledge is a donation paid in multiple instalments over months or years. You can make a pledge using the donation form above, or New Zealanders can establish automatic payments to the Fulbright New Zealand Trust using the following form:

Payroll giving

Payroll giving is another option for New Zealand taxpayers to donate in regular instalments, by giving as much as you like directly from your regular pay packet (even small amounts will add up over time!). You will need to talk to your employer to see if they offer a payroll giving scheme. See the IRD website for details.


A bequest is a donation made through your will, and is a thoughtful way of supporting Fulbright and future grantees after your death. You should consult a lawyer, the Pubic Trust Office, or a trustee company in the drafting of your will, or a codicil to an existing will. This will give you the professional and technical help to ensure that all your wishes are fully met. The following wording is a guideline for you and your lawyer when planning a bequest to the Fulbright New Zealand Trust:

“I give the Fulbright New Zealand Trust the sum of $_____/_____% of my residuary estate/the balance of my estate/the following property or assets ______ to be used for the purpose of providing additional Fulbright awards, for which the receipt of Fulbright New Zealand Trust shall be sufficient discharge to my trustees.”

Please do let us know if you are including the Fulbright New Zealand Trust in your will so that we may thank you formally.

Provide an award

To explore the option of making a substantial donation to provide a named award in the field of your choice, please contact our Executive Director.
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